What our customers are saying...

"The people who run this site must be, at least, mildly retarded.  'Rain Man' might have almost taken down Vegas, but these guys couldn't take down a dick if it was halfway down their throat." Jimmy Butterfield, Omaha (Four out of Five Stars)

"I bought a mug from this website and all my friends think I'm a douche now for using a themed mug.  Mug's nice though." Fred Bowles, Ohio (Four out of Five Stars)

"Um, nice site I guess.  Seems like a bunch of wiener strokers got in a circle jerk and jizzed out some semi-funny sayings.  The site is soft, just like these guys wieners during a steamy milf porn.  I bought the "I Heart Your Mom" mug.  It holds coffee."Derrick Rickles, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Two out of Five Stars)

"This is terrible.  Not funny, not clever, not buying it." Clarence Thompson (Zero out of Five Stars)

"What a ridiculous collection of sophomoric toilet humor.  I am offended by everything on here.  Who would produce such societal anarchy?  Come on guys.  Read a Book"  Harrison Buttplug (Zero out of Five Stars)